Who We Are

We are proud to be the only private trust company in South Carolina. As a family-owned, multi-generational firm, we understand the importance of building a strong legacy. This connects us to our clients in a way that is unique from other wealth management companies.

Firm History

Founded in 1913, Colonial Trust has a long and proud history. After many decades of success with the founding families in Spartanburg, in the late 1900s Colonial began offering our boutique family office style to clients across the state. Selectively choosing the most ethical professionals to plant our flag in new markets, our emphasis has always been on being true to who we are rather than growth for growth’s sake.

Firm History


Colonial Trust Established


Colonial Trust Company Acquired by H. Walter Barre and Barry D. Wynn


Colonial Trust Advisors Created, Colonial Trust Greenville Office Opened by Johnnie Mac Walters


Bert D. Barre and Camp R. Wynn Join Colonial Trust


Bert D. Barre and Camp R. Wynn Become Principals of Colonial Trust


David Humphreys Joins Colonial Trust and opens Charleston Office


Colonial Trust Celebrates Centennial, Colonial Trust Columbia Office Opens


Brad Humphries joins Colonial Trust in the Columbia office


Jamie Hinds, Pam McCauley, and Charlton Wieters add expertise and depth across the firm


Jimmy Fiske and Reid Thompson become first dedicated portfolio management and corporate retirement plan professionals

Operating Principles

Our founding principles are as important today as they were a century ago. These principles guide the way we approach clients, investments, and business.

Operating Principles


With longevity comes experience. The history of our firm and tenure of our team give us the wisdom that comes from living through market cycles and watching families who use long-term discipline have success in preserving wealth.


As a privately owned firm, we have the flexibility to offer services and make decisions that support the best interest of our clients and their families. This independence affords us a clear perspective and objective approach to wealth management.


We believe a focus on quality can accurately describe our investment philosophy and our approach to business. An emphasis on providing a high level of service to clients is a formula for success in any type of business. We also focus on the high quality investments to generate attractive returns without unnecessary levels of risk.